the women in my life series pt06...


Simplicity never felt so good.

Diet coke by her window, she opens her heart and smile
to those around her.

The kind of girl you want to wake up next to…
Make breakfast for…
Bring it back to satin sheets…
And play with her hair while she sips on some coffee.
Steam tickling her nose…

(It’s fun being a writer :->)

The girl you WANT TO do right by



the women of my life series pt05

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Avalon (girl at left)...

The original Scooby Snack.
The Halloween child with the comical grin.

There are days where (honestly) I wonder about her. But friendship beats logic anyday.

A gem of a girl of whom I am happy to have in my universe...

Tracy J Hutchings
© 26:08:05


the women of my life series pt04

asma, av & tracy
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Asma... (girl @ left)

imperfect perfection.
the diva without doubt.
She Soul who guided me back to light though she doesn't know it.

the ideal.... ideal.

how i miss her.

Tracy J H

© 25:08:05


the women of my life series pt03

madam butterfly
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My sister.
My half side.
Obliquely opposite and yet similar in spirit.

Perfect Capricorn.
One day younger than me.
An artist with no end.

I hope she sees that….
I hope she understands how limitless her potential, her vibe, her thought.

Tracy J Hutchings

© 24:08:05


the women in my life series pt02...


I call her Buddha for she is wise
I call her Virgo for she is irritating.
I call her Beautiful for such is her spirit.
I call her Strong for… that is precisely what/who she
I call her Exemplary, for that is what a Mother should

I call her Mod, because after 23 years, it still feels
most comfortable.

Tracy J Hutchings

© 23:08:05



the women in my life series pt01...


I met her in heaven, just before I was assigned a

She spoke volumes.

Volumes on God.
Volumes on Love.
Volumes on Destiny and reminded me that as long as I
sought her out, she would find me out.

The first woman in my life, created from the Master
himself… I honour Wisdom.

© 22:08:05




My skin is peeling.

I stood in the sunlight this morning and realised… the
skin on my hands are peeling. There are two shades.
The old one has a dry almost caked look to it but the
new skin is pink and fresh... and nice.

It’s like this piece I wrote once about decaying, in
which I said that every day I decay so that the old
skin, the old me, the old mindsets will die and new
ones will develop.

I wonder [if only briefly before I go back to the
hectic world]:
Is my soul peeling?
Is my spirit peeling?
Is my mind peeling?

Is the only change going on an outward appearance with
no inward relevance?

My skin is peeling.

Tracy J H




Tell me…

Does hiding your face behind a veil, stop you from
thinking evil?
Does hanging a cross around your neck, stop you from
saying wickedness?

Does the covering of your head cleanse your mind from
Does wearing beads on your hand make you more
conscious of who you are?

If yes… then bless!
If not… what’s the point. Where’s the logic?

Trust God and remove the Pretence.

Tracy j h

© 18:08:05




We treat love like a strainer trying desperately to
filter the dirt associated with the feeling. And yet
for all of our toil, the dirt factor still flows


Simply because there are some things in life/in
relationships that are too small to be noticed and yet
are big enough to scratch your throat and tickle the


the beginning of something...

Song? Poetry? Both? Or just a simple thought?
Whatever it is, it’s the beginnings of something

• I gave you my all, not realising that your capacity for all of me was greatly diminished…. And my heart took a tumbling.

© tracy j h

• Imposing my love on you on the very centre where the unhealed wound lives…

© tracy j h

• Love cannot be bought!
But it does demand a high price.

Hearts & souls on the dotted line
Just to stand in line for a taste.

© tracy j h

• the clouds touch the mountains and the mortals feel like gods.

© tracy j h

• 20,000 leagues under the sea
20,000 more just to get to me.
My heart drifts to the depths of the ocean,
My heart drifts to the depths of the ocean.

© tracy j h




It is typical of the human existence…
Once something has [to us] lost its value, we
no longer want it. But more than that, we fail to see
the possible merit of the thing.

There was clay flowerpot with some artificial roses in
them near my desk. A cupboard was opened and it fell,
causing part of the pot to break. The flowerpot can no
longer stand upright by itself anymore. In fact it is
really lopsided!

Shortly thereafter, I took it up, flower et al, threw
it in the bin and the thought lingered that it still
had merit. It was not the flowers that were broken,
but PART (and only part) of the pot.

Why? Why was I so quick to throw it away? The roses
still looked beautiful. They were still intact. They
still had a purpose/had merit.

I took back my half-broken flowerpot and roses out of
the bin and its now in my bottom drawer. I don’t know
what, but there may be use for the thing. Who knows…

Tracy J H
© 12:08:05



It is:
• Well
• Safe
• Contented
• Pure
• Peaceful
• Loved by God
• Becoming more and more mature
• Fun
• Understood
• Appreciated
• Well-represented
• Beautiful
• Connected

It is not an “IT”.
It is my Spirit… and he is free!

Tracy J H
© 12:08:05




I was standing somewhere in the house a couple days
ago, talking to myself as per usual when the words
came out of my mouth that I will do my job to the best
of my ability.

But what does that really mean? What does the best of
my ability denote? Moreover, have I even begun to tap
into the best of my ability?

We constantly set limits to our spirits. We are
forever content on pushing ourselves thus far and no
more but chances are thus far isn’t remotely good
enough in comparison to where greatness lies.

If Jonathan Livingston Seagull had said that flying at
seventy miles per hour was the best of his ability and
settled for it…. He would never have met Chiang… he
would never have grown into something spectacularly

I must search within myself. I must become willing to
feel pain in my bones with the knowledge settled
inside my system that I can be more than the sum total
My abilities.

The best of my ability… <b>is not nearly good enough




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my friend has a view that this right here is the real meaning of advertising where everyone wants a piece of you...

there are days when i agree and days where i don't

today may or maynot have been one of them! :-)



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