I was standing somewhere in the house a couple days
ago, talking to myself as per usual when the words
came out of my mouth that I will do my job to the best
of my ability.

But what does that really mean? What does the best of
my ability denote? Moreover, have I even begun to tap
into the best of my ability?

We constantly set limits to our spirits. We are
forever content on pushing ourselves thus far and no
more but chances are thus far isn’t remotely good
enough in comparison to where greatness lies.

If Jonathan Livingston Seagull had said that flying at
seventy miles per hour was the best of his ability and
settled for it…. He would never have met Chiang… he
would never have grown into something spectacularly

I must search within myself. I must become willing to
feel pain in my bones with the knowledge settled
inside my system that I can be more than the sum total
My abilities.

The best of my ability… <b>is not nearly good enough



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