the beginning of something...

Song? Poetry? Both? Or just a simple thought?
Whatever it is, it’s the beginnings of something

• I gave you my all, not realising that your capacity for all of me was greatly diminished…. And my heart took a tumbling.

© tracy j h

• Imposing my love on you on the very centre where the unhealed wound lives…

© tracy j h

• Love cannot be bought!
But it does demand a high price.

Hearts & souls on the dotted line
Just to stand in line for a taste.

© tracy j h

• the clouds touch the mountains and the mortals feel like gods.

© tracy j h

• 20,000 leagues under the sea
20,000 more just to get to me.
My heart drifts to the depths of the ocean,
My heart drifts to the depths of the ocean.

© tracy j h



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