It is typical of the human existence…
Once something has [to us] lost its value, we
no longer want it. But more than that, we fail to see
the possible merit of the thing.

There was clay flowerpot with some artificial roses in
them near my desk. A cupboard was opened and it fell,
causing part of the pot to break. The flowerpot can no
longer stand upright by itself anymore. In fact it is
really lopsided!

Shortly thereafter, I took it up, flower et al, threw
it in the bin and the thought lingered that it still
had merit. It was not the flowers that were broken,
but PART (and only part) of the pot.

Why? Why was I so quick to throw it away? The roses
still looked beautiful. They were still intact. They
still had a purpose/had merit.

I took back my half-broken flowerpot and roses out of
the bin and its now in my bottom drawer. I don’t know
what, but there may be use for the thing. Who knows…

Tracy J H
© 12:08:05



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