Sweet Poison

I bought her a rose...
A single white rose (freshly ordered by the company)
Attached a card with the note "Just Because..."
Left it at reception. it now sits at her desk.

And they say you're gonna get hurt
And they say you're in too deep
And they say you're doing this all wrong...
And they say... you're gonna get hurt.

Still I take another sip of sweet poison.
Sweet to the tongue and bitter to the heart,
when jealousy and insecurity takes over.

Still I take another sip of sweet poison.
Telling myself that it's ok to be burned -
the ends justify the means
The consequences are minimal if the smile on my face
stays at 100.15 maximum.

Still I sip sweet poison
Holding her hand in the morning
Clutching my stomach in the evening
and waiting for the cold sweat to pass at night.

A sucker for punishment?
An optimist swimming in naivety?
They say you're gonna get hurt while I sip some more
of this poison.


© 28:09:05


At 1:08 PM, Blogger Elspeth said...

I left you a comment yesterday for this post and now I'm checking to see what you wrote today and there's no comment. So just to repeat it: I had basically told you Y = Yes.

At 7:56 AM, Blogger tracy j said...

it gets better and better everday :-)


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