the women in my life series pt08...


( I figure since I'm baring my soul, might as well
bare all. FunnyI wrote this for for her once)

It is better to write than it is to speak at times.
The pen understands what the tongue doesn’t have a
clue about at times.

So here’s what the pen says:

You intrigue me… beyond everything, you intrigue me

I’ve been carrying that thought for the last little
while but never seems to be a good time to reveal that
to you, so when I did last week, it came out as a
by-the-way concept when you deserve more than that.

I tell myself that I rush into too much, that I make
too much mistakes, but it’s like this: if I know that
the possibility exists… what’s one more?

Trying to sound intelligent every time I’m with you
and what I get instead is a babbling fool who craves

Funny. A speechless poet. It’s classic really.

Now this is where I do that whole adult thing and say
this: Renee Dass I like you. There’s something about
that smile that I can’t help but adore. You just… are
and I can’t help but wonder.

But at the end of the day, it is useless if you don’t
feel the same. And that’s cool too.
That’s cool too. Really.

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