Doves & Blackbirds 2

Wisdom rests his head near my ear, a gentleman Dove
rarely screeches.
And when he flies, the crow cries, but Peace never
leaves his side.
My Heavenly Dove, sent from above.

What’s this I fear?
There’s a picking near my ear and I feel it ever so
Insecurity, Jealousy and the whiff of something more;
Strains of Poe filter through, “never more”.

Rage rises to his perch. Behold black wings spread.
Halted he remains as my Dove screeches instead:
“Let Wisdom take over, from the mind on your shoulder,
to the shoulder of your mind.”

And I see it as clear as day
‘choice’ winds blow my way
decision time is near… CHOOSE.
The Emissary of Peace, or The Emblem of Fear.

Wake up!
The trance is over! No one lays on my shoulder.
Yet Wisdom and Peace and Fear still hover… is it over?

Tracy j Hutchings
© 30:09:05


At 8:08 AM, Blogger Elspeth said...

The answer: Dove rhymes with Love.


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