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I was safe. I was in love with a dream and that was ok. I knew that the dream was too high in Heaven to touch and that was ok. I was safe. I had no real qualms, no real issues, and no overly messy stress. I was safe!

And then one day, some stroke of Wisdom told me that “hey! You need to open up to new opportunities! The right girl is out there waiting for you.” And I listened. I… opened up!

Open up to new opportunities and let consequence throw a fast ball at you from the opposite end of the cricket field… defenceless and “open” to everything.

So here I am, moving from day to day “open” to everything the universe throws at me. Like her. Here I am high, low, tight chested, cynical, romantic, jealous, righteous, conflicted… and human.

I hate being human. Not in the literal sense, but the thing about being human is the appropriate falling for every rising. The Ying in my Yang, if you will.

If I stay in my dream I will never be truly hurt, but at the same time I may not be truly happy – miss out the best thing in my life. Of course, on that journey to find, I leave myself open to the elements… in whatever form they come.

A falling in the Rising… Too much Ying in my Yang!

I open myself to God – this leads to decisions to be made that my oft-stubborn heart does not hear.
I open myself to poetry – my writing gets better but the thoughts sometimes scare me.
I open myself to Wisdom – but wisdom often comes from Knowledge and Knowledge – experience so…

The flipside to the gold coin is this:
I was safe but was I satisfied?
So maybe all this tight-chested drama DOES SERVE some purpose!

safe but not satisfied! Open but defenceless

Tracy j h


At 5:08 PM, Blogger Elspeth said...

Open and defenseless can't be a bad thing. Otherwise, what are you defending?


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