Public Service Announcement

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(S.F.X- sound effects)

Phone rings on the other end of line

Welcome. Your call is very important to us. Please hold the line and someone will speak with you shortly.

Girl from Ipanema plays on phone line

It’s funny really. It seems like we’re always waiting for something or someone aren’t we? Waiting for the traffic to quell. Waiting for a
lover or child… or friend to change their ways. Whatever the case, we’re just waiting

Music stops

And just when you think you’ve finally gotten through…

Music plays another slow tune

It’s the same thing all over again! Stueps!

We appreciate you holding on. Your call is very important to us. Please stay on the line and someone will speak with you soon.

Hello? Anybody there? Anybody cares? Will somebody tell me why I’m still holding on to something that makes no sense? Please
somebody pick up on what I’m saying!

Music stops. Phone rings and then…

We’re sorry. Our offices are closed now. Good-bye.

Busy tone echoes. End.



mystic tv
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(Anncr - announcr)
Cheesy Sales music plays in the background

Is your life ruled by the mundane? Tired of doing things one-way? Is your constant compulsion for truth and honesty making you the outcast among friends?

Well no more!

Music crescendos

Now, for a limited time only, add a little spice TO YOUR LIFE with a bag of LIES AND INNUENDOES!

Lies and innuendoes will make you the talk of the town and better with your buddies! And now, here to tell us more about this revolutionary self-destructive habit is Ms. Taken!

Ms. Taken:
Hi and welcome to a brave new world where lies and half truths rule the globe! Now I know you’re saying: “Ms. Taken, how do I know if
lies and innuendoes will work for me?” Well you can trust me it works! I started off with lies and I lost 40lbs of virtue! Then by
adding a few hints of sharply placed innuendoes to my diet, I became the bell of the ball! Sure I felt disillusioned at first, but once that conscience of mine died, I felt as good as new!

But don’t take my word for it. Hear what others are saying and when we return, we’ll bring on the creator of lies and innuendoes… Baal Z!

Cheesy Sales music plays in the foreground
All around the world, millions of people are experiencing the veiled benefits of telling lies and practicing libel innuendoes.

Customer 1:
When I started lying I couldn’t believe the benefits! I got the job of my dreams and all I had to do was lie about my age and education.

Customer 2:
Thanks to lies and innuendoes I was able to nab my boss’s position!

Customer 3:
I got this girl to sleep with me after only two dates thanks to lies and innuendoes!

Customer 4:
The best part was when I started lying to myself! I started to believe my own deception!

The secret to lies and innuendoes is to leave your self-depreciating soul open to the father of lies Baal Z! Whose sole purpose is to make
YOU feel so inadequate that you think you need his help to succeed!

Act now and join the millions of people already going to hell! We’ll also throw in half-truths at no extra cost! So go ahead, compromise a little? Why be lonely anymore? Lie and be agreeable today!

And best of all… ALL LIES ARE FREE! (Giggling to self)

Cheesy Sales music crescendo then fades.

Ms. Taken:
And we’re back with Baal Z! Now…
(Voice fades out)

Tracy J Hutchings
© 21:11:05


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red horizon
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Event full Horizon

Tomorrow starts today.
It is unknown... do not plan it.
It is moving... do not stand still.
It is the sum total... do not lose the equation.
It is full - it is the Event full Horizon
Tomorrow starts Today


Tune In...

mystic tv
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Broadcasting LIVE from the edge of your soul
the mystic tv transmits thoughts taken from the air and rests them here!

Pictures. Thoughts. Ideals.

wait a while... the show soon unfolds


Lust n Love

In the traditional sense, the concept of LUST seems to have negative

After you've "found" her,
After you two have hooked up,
After the stardust FINALLY leaves your eyes, do you still LUST after her?

Do you still feel an ounce of passion when she's near?
Do you take the time to feel the clichéd electricity when you touch?
Do you still feel the need to run away to a back room/cabinet/closet or whatever?

Do you still LUST her?
Or have you [both] arrived at the usual state of comfortability in the

Never stop Lusting after her [him]... even while you're in Love.

Tracy J H
(c) 16:11:05



He walks through the busy earth
[picture Independence Square on a Friday]
trying to have a conversation with anybody, but we all have earplugs in our ears.

HE sees us... we see HIM.
We might even acknowledge HIM but we walk past
with earplugs not really hearing a word he says.

Lips move without sound.

The question is:
Is there anyone who wants to have a conversation?
Is there anyone who wants to hear?

Tracy j H

© 15:11:05


GROWING through...

So Israel was in Egypt enslaved for 400 + years. STRESS! PAIN! Serious aggravation et al!

But check this... while they were GOING THROUGH suffering, they were growing!

A little background - when Israel entered Goshen they were a small band of shepherds. 400 years and a couple of Pharaohs later, they were enslaved... but they were huge! By the time of the Exodus, they were a "nation". People, livestock, everything had grown into something more... something powerful.

We go through so much crap on a daily basis. So many people try to force their pain and their jargon on our backs - making us slaves to their will. But even though we be going through... remember that YOU ARE GROWING into something more... something powerful.

Yeah you probably know this already - but it doesn't hurt to remind yourself of the truth.


Tracy j H
© 11:11:05


Stages of Terror

They say do it even though you’re fearful.
They say fear is an evil spirit that invokes emotion.
They say fear stunts growth…
All these things I know and stil, l sit here.
Maybe she’s right – maybe I do think too much.

The sound in my mind tells me to step up.
In the calmness of itself I hear, I see cricket
The batsman must walk unto the pitch in order to bat.
He cannot stand there wondering if he will fail – he
must go.
Fours, sixes or duck… he must go. I must go.

The nervousness in my system threatens to jump out and
swallow me whole.
Yet the room, the conquest no longer seems so large.
Air condition magnifies the cold emanating from my
I say to her “are you excruciatingly busy?” No –
Step up to the pitch…

Dance with me.
I realise I didn’t get a dance from you on Monday
night so –
And suddenly, it isn’t a terror anymore.

What good does it serve, when the night calls, when
the night comes?
And disillusionment and disappointment slip into bed
As you realise this feeling, this terror is the
This terror is … “What If?” commonly disguised as

Get on the cricket pitch…

Tracy J H