GROWING through...

So Israel was in Egypt enslaved for 400 + years. STRESS! PAIN! Serious aggravation et al!

But check this... while they were GOING THROUGH suffering, they were growing!

A little background - when Israel entered Goshen they were a small band of shepherds. 400 years and a couple of Pharaohs later, they were enslaved... but they were huge! By the time of the Exodus, they were a "nation". People, livestock, everything had grown into something more... something powerful.

We go through so much crap on a daily basis. So many people try to force their pain and their jargon on our backs - making us slaves to their will. But even though we be going through... remember that YOU ARE GROWING into something more... something powerful.

Yeah you probably know this already - but it doesn't hurt to remind yourself of the truth.


Tracy j H
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