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Of late I feel the need to esc.
I've shifted from the path that I started on [this I know].
I don't want to think I'm losing control
But that seems to be the most appropriate option right now
I need to delete these feelings and return to my point of origin
Return to the statutes and commands before I F1.
I wanna go home.
I'm not too sure I was ready for this explorer bit
Maybe I allowed too many symbols to enter my spirit
I need space to make things clear.

© 22:12:05


Shooting Salvation

3 rolls.
72 exposures.
countless memories.

When I started shooting, I needed pictures for my Mystic Tv Project.
I was very careful not to waste any of my shots on "useless" imagery - this was important.

I now realise that there is no such thing when it comes to expressing yourself. Some how that sounds clichéd but the fact is, I feel released... when I shoot.

Now granted, there still lies in me a hesitation to take certain shots but, of all the dumb things I do, of all the silly things I spend my money on - one roll of film doesn't seem a lot to spend, not when it brings me closer to... better vibes.

Its like Shooting Salvation - one snap at a time (if at all that's possible).

Say Cheese! Life is all around just waiting to be developed



somewhere in the script i am supposed to give a flying
but somehow - i don't think so.

must think positive.
must overcome.
it is the will of the Righteous One to overcome.

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On a whim, I got a piece of rectangle board and on the white side wrote: 5577106 - R U THE PRISONER?
then I pretty much went around snapping people (with said sign) all over the agency

we'll see where it goes.


Advertisment (part 02)

another splot of red
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I remember tossing and turning for hours at night. I could hear the throbbing noises of my heart and … it used to scare me. Really. So
many voices, always worrying if tomorrow could be any worse.

It was the anxiety and the sweaty palms that used to freak me out. Every time I felt insecure I’d either curl up on the inside or lash out
like a… cobra or a rabid dog or something.

Then I discovered God’s Love.

You don’t have to suffer from anxiety, insecurity, greed, pain or anguish in silence anymore. Introducing God’s Love.

Slow and cheerful – a relief almost.

God’s Love is that undeniable feeling of eternal comfort that embraces your very soul.

WOW! What a difference God’s love can make!

Yeah! It’s like having a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Thanks God!

God’s Love is also good for mild to acute depression, heartache, uncontrollable lust, rage and so much more! And best of all, God’s Love is free. Available in Original Eternity and Reconciliation.

(Quickly) Side effects include real laughter, a free spirit and the knowledge that no matter what happens, you will be ok. As well as brilliant smiles on Mondays. God’s Love is recommended for everyone who will accept Him.

God’s Love… Divinity makes the difference!


News in a Minute (on Mystic TV)

Humans are the strangest of God’s Creations.

We sit and envy those… who sit and envy us :-)




Advertisment (part 01)

a splot of red
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(Anncr = Announcer)

Hey sore losers!

Happy and upbeat

Love is giving you a second chance!


That’s right! For a limited time only, you get a chance to win her heart just by being yourself!


It’s so easy! Just show her the real you, whatever that may be, and you just might get lucky! Prizes include a greater appreciation of who you are, love of your craft and a desire to know you better!

(yaaay – clapping, cheering continues)

No gimmicks! No lies! Just YOU with a chance of a lifetime… happiness with the fantasy of your life!

But hurry! Love won’t last forever.
She may find some other bloke if you don’t play your cards right!


MTV weather Report

mystic tv
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Yes John,
Looks like Man is expecting even more irregular patterns
Just waiting…
Praying, to beat down on his tiny little island

Faces are sunny
Although, there’s a tropical depression brewing in the centre of his heart.

Now If that’s left unchecked,
If that hits angry waters, it could shatter him!
Unveiling…. Revealing all the cracks in his system.

Spirits are dry.
Not a cloud, not a release in sight.
What he needs right now, is for Love
To reign down from on high…
Soaking him, before all vegetation dries up by numbness.

There’s a cold front coming in
From one of his friends…
God help his soul, this looks serious
As civility drops below minus 30.

But John, there’s a bright side!
If Man can get past this…
If he can board up
Shut up and stand firm.
If he realises this too, shall pass
And that God intended for his happiness to last…
Then seas should be back to normal
With tears less than two metres in open waters
And less that one metre in his most sheltered area!

Back to you John.