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Yes John,
Looks like Man is expecting even more irregular patterns
Just waiting…
Praying, to beat down on his tiny little island

Faces are sunny
Although, there’s a tropical depression brewing in the centre of his heart.

Now If that’s left unchecked,
If that hits angry waters, it could shatter him!
Unveiling…. Revealing all the cracks in his system.

Spirits are dry.
Not a cloud, not a release in sight.
What he needs right now, is for Love
To reign down from on high…
Soaking him, before all vegetation dries up by numbness.

There’s a cold front coming in
From one of his friends…
God help his soul, this looks serious
As civility drops below minus 30.

But John, there’s a bright side!
If Man can get past this…
If he can board up
Shut up and stand firm.
If he realises this too, shall pass
And that God intended for his happiness to last…
Then seas should be back to normal
With tears less than two metres in open waters
And less that one metre in his most sheltered area!

Back to you John.


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