We are Prisoners

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36 hr days
technology rides our backs
as we
try to
work miracles.
Walk on Water. Part Seas.

Save Clients

5577106 - We Are Prisoners...
Or Are We?


What really matters?

in the end
neither the money nor the power
the style of dress or curl of hair
the car and the the commotion (that follows)
the investments or your inventory...

in the end
nothing really matters
the way we live (d) on the planet.

others living for us?
or US living for others?



Mute (Stick break in we ears)

mystic tv
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Words and images grace the screen
But expressions remain clueless
As the mute button is pressed.

We hear but don’t listen…
To our hearts, the one part
That shouts to the top of our minds
But there is no giving, for the mute button is pressed.

Mouth forms verbs.
Syllables, vowels, and adjectives.
But to us it stays as numbing chatter as we continue
To not stop
Pause and add volume
to what is really being said.

Stubborn will, will not even allow subtitles
To tell us, what she says
What HE says…
What they mean (and then we claim Life is unkind and mean).

And so it goes that as we walk on by
Turning a deaf ear and a blind eye
To the reality… the gravity of the situation,
We as a nation
Head further down Chaos Street
To repeat… the same mistakes
All because stick break in we ears
Our mute button has been broken for years


what will you bring back from the mountain?

This has been playing in my mind for a while so I got
to share:

The story goes of Moses who went up to the Mount of
God (post red sea account). There he spent about 40
days with God.

It wasn't the first time he spent time up there, but
when Moses returned he always had something for to the
PEOPLE (Israel).

1. He went up to the Mount... and came back with the ten
2. He went up to the Mount... and came back with his face radiating for days on end!

There are these times in our lives when we experience
personal enlightenment (whether in church, while
sleeping or just casually hitting the streets). What
is our next move? What then do we do with this new

1. Keep it to us?
2. Or Share it with the people?
Encourage. Elevate.
Bring the sense of the Divine to men.

So what will you bring back from the mountain?

Tracy j H


Broke Back Brain Cells

red horizon
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I am going to see Brokeback...
There are reasons surrounding my decision.

But it strikes me as hilarious the sudden outcry about THIS movie by people who just... well.

No consideration is made to the artistic genius of Lee (Crouching Tiger, Sense & Sensibility, Hulk) or the talents of these writers/actors. We by pass this i favour of the bashing. Just like we by pass the Hypocrisy of Carnival - exposing your true self for two days then going for ashes on the third.

Broke Back Brain Cells swimming round


Mirrored Energy

When I found out that Marilyn Manson was a Capricorn I
was to say the least… disturbed. It fact I was
appalled. Capricorns are generally insane from time to
time – yes, but Marilyn is just done right wacko!

I surmised (eventually) that Marilyn is on the
outside, what we Capricorns probably are on the
inside, i.e.: loud,
people (probably).

When I discovered I had the urge to knock down my
rather talented and (ok) cute looking co-worker for
denying the presence of her own genius, I took a step
back and realised that, well, I was looking at my own
reflection in this here earth pond.

See this is where society is messed up. We are
(literally) the mirror image of each other and we fail
to see this. It is our own reflection we see in the
faces of other people. It is our own energy that we
project onto those whose space we invade (vice-versa).

We do it all the time!

Fear attracts Fear (in one or more forms)
Insecurity attracts Insecurity (see above)
The homeless and the homeowner are one.

We think to ourselves that we are above their level
and cannot be classified as X or Y like “those people”
with “that attitude” but I’m willing to bet that we
aren’t that different. That maybe inside of the heart
of hearts we ARE and THAT is what is being projected
unto the outside world.

“But I am not venomous, vengeful, selfish or spiteful!
Are you telling me that I have this in my soul?”

I’m telling you that we may not be all that different.


A bing! thing...

chamber of secrets
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Out from a bit of impatience came
A Bing! Thing.

A bing! thing is the sum total of the unintentioned.

• loading up a picture
• getting peeved with the length of time taken
• stopping it in mid-load :-)
• getting this totally new thing.

Is it a doorway? An opening?
Something's clicking in my head - don't know what really but - I like it!

A Bing! Thing


Midweek Movie Matinee

green fizz
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It's A Wonderful Life!

She comes to my senses. Literally.

She walked into my room friday last and her fragrance was... heightening.

She smokes and the scent mixes with her skin and honestly I could just wrap myself around her.

It's a wonderful life I tell you! Only when the feeling is strong can lotion and nicotine make you spin.


Drunken Monkey on Mystic TV

At Zen
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Lust is a Beverage...
Drink Responsibly.


Hate. Love.

Matrix Revolutions:
You believe in Karma? - Neo
Karma is just a word, it is the connection behind it that
matters. - The Exile

People cringe at the word but if it doesn't stir us
into action then it becomes... useless.
It becomes just another word.


Coming up next: Enemy of the State

enemy of the state
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In visible sight of all and still


Now Showing: Pride... The Ultimate Prejudice

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Yummy Crow

on the menu today is crow
crawl and get it...

how would you like your crow today?
circumstance is the maitre'd
that sees you across the room
and is bent at all costs to serve you.



12:25 Government Programme

govt prog
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On Mystic TV

Distinguished Gentlemen...
Discuss Policies
Debate Philosophies
Strategise Tomorrow
Create Confusion
Rend Hearts
Mend Ways
Part Ways
With Smiles and Shakes
While the "real politicians"....
Drive Cars
Flock Bars
Blame Others
Do Nothing


Regular Programme

mystic tv
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Welcome to the new year and our regular or rather irregular programming!

Blessings to you and yours for 2006.
May you be surrounded by Divine Peace, Wisdom and covered with Christ's Protection!

Welcome to 2006!