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I am going to see Brokeback...
There are reasons surrounding my decision.

But it strikes me as hilarious the sudden outcry about THIS movie by people who just... well.

No consideration is made to the artistic genius of Lee (Crouching Tiger, Sense & Sensibility, Hulk) or the talents of these writers/actors. We by pass this i favour of the bashing. Just like we by pass the Hypocrisy of Carnival - exposing your true self for two days then going for ashes on the third.

Broke Back Brain Cells swimming round


At 4:43 AM, Blogger Indrawatti said...

Imagine the movie has been banned from cinemas in Trinidad and Tobago. Oh what a peaceful place it would be if everyone was an insane poet... but I am guessing that people like and me Tracey will have to hold the ropes and yell giddyup, hope for a rush of dust to pass us as all the open minded insane poets rush by... but instead we are not even bothered by the two grains of dust that are picked up by the gentle breeze that passes along the ground. Here's to DVD and Video release! CHEERS!


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