Mirrored Energy

When I found out that Marilyn Manson was a Capricorn I
was to say the least… disturbed. It fact I was
appalled. Capricorns are generally insane from time to
time – yes, but Marilyn is just done right wacko!

I surmised (eventually) that Marilyn is on the
outside, what we Capricorns probably are on the
inside, i.e.: loud,
people (probably).

When I discovered I had the urge to knock down my
rather talented and (ok) cute looking co-worker for
denying the presence of her own genius, I took a step
back and realised that, well, I was looking at my own
reflection in this here earth pond.

See this is where society is messed up. We are
(literally) the mirror image of each other and we fail
to see this. It is our own reflection we see in the
faces of other people. It is our own energy that we
project onto those whose space we invade (vice-versa).

We do it all the time!

Fear attracts Fear (in one or more forms)
Insecurity attracts Insecurity (see above)
The homeless and the homeowner are one.

We think to ourselves that we are above their level
and cannot be classified as X or Y like “those people”
with “that attitude” but I’m willing to bet that we
aren’t that different. That maybe inside of the heart
of hearts we ARE and THAT is what is being projected
unto the outside world.

“But I am not venomous, vengeful, selfish or spiteful!
Are you telling me that I have this in my soul?”

I’m telling you that we may not be all that different.


At 4:46 AM, Blogger Indrawatti said...

Here's to Cparicorn who take their insanity to another level... i.e. selling out to make some cash not caring how disturbed they look to the earth's general population!

At 9:33 AM, Blogger tracy j said...

you said it george :-)


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