Mute (Stick break in we ears)

mystic tv
Originally uploaded by dapoetspeaks.

Words and images grace the screen
But expressions remain clueless
As the mute button is pressed.

We hear but don’t listen…
To our hearts, the one part
That shouts to the top of our minds
But there is no giving, for the mute button is pressed.

Mouth forms verbs.
Syllables, vowels, and adjectives.
But to us it stays as numbing chatter as we continue
To not stop
Pause and add volume
to what is really being said.

Stubborn will, will not even allow subtitles
To tell us, what she says
What HE says…
What they mean (and then we claim Life is unkind and mean).

And so it goes that as we walk on by
Turning a deaf ear and a blind eye
To the reality… the gravity of the situation,
We as a nation
Head further down Chaos Street
To repeat… the same mistakes
All because stick break in we ears
Our mute button has been broken for years


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