What is your Real Name?

In X-2 (Xmen: United), there's a scene where Magneto
turns to John (Pyro a mutant who can manipulate fire).
The following is part of their conversation:

Magneto: What's your name?
John: John
Magneto: What's your REAL NAME John?
John: (after a pause, looking at the lighter in his
hand) Pyro…

The conversation continues about how powerful he could
be etc.

My point... my question to you is:
What is your real name? What do you call yourself?
I call myself a poet. I say "dapoetspeaks" and it
means something! Well, at least to me...

What about you? Do you have a name for yourself or are
you just walking around accepting what everyone else
feels compelled to call you?




Take One...

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feel free.
take one.
relieve your stress with Panadol
munch on a Fresh Express
have a blessed day...

(Fresh Express makes salads, wraps and generally healthy food served daily... and fresh)


Today In The Universe

What happened?
Lended my theories on certain matters Biblical (specail appearance on this blog soon)

Got some campaigns approved by the CDCreative Director.

Got some classic Sting & The Police music !Been jumping up and down singing every little thing she does is magic!
I also got Toto I blessed the rain down in AAAAFRICAAA :-)

saw her again... acted causually cynical... but still, saw her again

Finishing up the day with some Nina Simone and Queen Latifah - Jazz (Dana Owens Album)

heading home in 5, 4, 3, 2...

Blessings bloggers!


Want... not just Need

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So this morning in the midst of... well me, I remembered an old gospel song that [to me] is the best gospel love/worship song I knew while growing up.

There's a part that says "I just want to be where you are, dwelling daily in your presence.... I just want to be, I just want to be with You."

WANT! Not just need... but WANT! There’s an actual desire at work here.

Need is out of necessity. When you are ill, you NEED to take anti-biotics, there's no choice there. But WANT implies free-will/choice/desire. I want to spend time with you. I want to go out of my way for your sake - there's no real necessity but I choose to because of the love that I have for you!

Now don't twist my words – I’m not saying that you shouldn't need people, please not at all, but wanting is a desire that you can run to with both hands open.

People need God - Y? Fear of hell? Need a miracle? How bout just… wanting God?
You need your guy/girl - Y? They make you "complete"? (And PS: no mortal should ever have that power) For show? Y do u need them? When was the last time you just WANTED them? Just because...

Want - free will/choice... desire!
Need - necessity/must have! Yes the two are partners but WANT fuels the NEED...
Want more!


I am the Prisoner

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blah blah blah thoughts blah blah blah and actions. yadda yadda yadda trapped by what we say, what we feel! yadda yadda blah blah must break free blah blah blah from whatever this is that yadda yadda yadda I've seem to lock myself into

I am a Prisoner...
Or am I?


We are Prisoners...

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At Home!

behind closed doors
behind closed hearts
where noone sees
life up - side - down
this - side - up... to something!

5577106 We Are Prisoners...
Or Are We?


We are Prisoners...

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With a Hope!

A hope that reminds us that every bond can be broken! Every chain will fall and freely to Zion we will trod.

5577106 We Are Prisoners...
Or Are We?


We are Prisoners...

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Now What? Oh gosh, what now!
I was born free - got tangled - was freed - only to be a prisoner again?

5577106 We Are Prisoners...
Or are we?


We are Prisoners...

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With a pill to swallow!

We are Prisoners... what a pill to swallow?!
They say. They believe. They think that I Am.

5577106 We are Prisoners...
or are we?


We are Prisoners

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In Hiding.
In Seclusion,
In waiting.
In waiting,
In waiting, till our time has come.

5577106 We are Prsioners...

Or are we?