Remembering... him

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these are my confessions


I dreamed I was taken
from my window and
ascended upwards,
upwards to the vast universe.

He was there, walking
with me. Taking me upon
a starry, glassy staircase
higher... and higher.
I was comforted. I looked
down and my fear of heights
returned to me. So he placed
a soft cloth over my eyes and
we continued. Me following blindly.

And he told me his name...
a honey dipped melody
Abri - el

Over and over Abri - el
I pray that name be blessed

tracy .j. hutchings

So about a yr later, I find out that he was one of the seven Angel Princes that was kicked out of Heaven (he actually was the sixth prince). I felt like a fool. I was devastated for weeks.

There's still a part of me that yet believes that his full meaning is undiscovered but i can't shake the fright I felt when i learned the truth about this here angel.

Behold The Angels (?)
Beware The Angels (?)


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