Today in The Universe (Special Mystic TV Report)

In the space of one weekend I have moved from Complete Adoration to Confounded Annulment.
I am mystified. Beyond belief I am mystified by the turn of events. The annoying thing about all of this is that I had a sneaky suspicion that something was amiss but... I discarded the thought, I didn't listen to the
Voice of Protection. In retrospect, God had sent me clues, people with wisdom - correction a person with wisdom... one of my best friends, the R.

I had thought that this one was worth waiting for. Was worth fighting for. Was worth transformation for. Transformation? Why would you want to transform for a mortal? Because I thought she was the one instead of one-of-many.

It seems to be a going trend of mine to give my heart away to the wrong person. And I don't just mean a girl. Time after time you go out of your way/stand up for/protest with and pray for people... friends in need, only to be kicked in return. It is for this reason, I am beginning the eradication process of the cancers in my life.

I wil be the first to admit that in the beginning I may have moved prematurely. But having learned from that - or THINKING that I had learned from that [chuckle] I now moved with patience and timing, setting my sights on a future goal - August...

August would be the culmination of things where decisions would be made and things revealed.
August would be the make or break.
August was where all my intentions were set.
Of course, now August has gone from me. All my love, all my strength, all my... whatever dissapearred. It is just another month in the year.

I really thought that we were getting closer. Little things started to manifest itself and I felt "right! proceed to August!" - yeah right.
I really thought that my intentions were in the very least appreciated - I know differently now [chuckle].
I really thought that the fear that I felt in the back of my throat was unwarranted. It was in fact justifiable. Classic really.
I really thought... above everything else... that I was wise. Not arrogantly wise but, I mean at least fairly, right?
SHE has proven otherwise.
SHE has proven otherwise.


At 5:28 AM, Blogger Kaivalya said...

You're clearly a person of special strength and intuition. Trust yourself!

I'm sending positive, healing thoughts your way...


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