A moment of silence 02

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This moment of silence is brought to you
By Sudafed!
Take 5
Not 2, but 5 before going to bed
And zone out
And zone out
The head filled with deadlines and bottom lines
And forget the alarm song… in your head
Nothing wrong with waking up at ten… instead!
To be Continued


A moment of silence 01

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This moment of silence will be
interrupted by
a pager
a cell-phone
a beeper
a 500 channels...
a universal remote

To Be Continued


Probably The Best News Whole Day

My friend Elspeth is building a lamp
She is called Diva
Diva continues to unfold into herself
She is beautiful...

(find out everything about Diva at www.nowiswow.blogspot.com)

El needed a few pieces of poetry that would line with Diva...
My goodness! Those I read were like.... wow!
Everyone got so much out of Diva

One of my pieces has been selected for Diva
And given the Aura of the day...
Seriously, that's probably the best news of the day!

Correction, that is the best news I've had all day.

God is amazing. It's really the "little things" that make a dent,
that cause a smile...
that makes a difference in someone else's life.


Blessings El...



The beer monger is called Scorned
While we continue, to get drunk off our own delusions.

The weed maker and the pill taker are dubbed Diseased and Problematic
While it is we who constantly get high on the dark side of the coin
The flip-flop of Life.

The madman is called Outcast
While we continually get insanely jealous of our brother’s success…
Not that we, lifted a finger to his aid
Or held the ladder to he was climbing.

And so in this late great twenty-first Century
We seldom see
The devices,
The vices we often habitualise…
Looking outward at the sawdust that the wind blows
instead of inward,
where the sawmill burns record amounts… daily.



Holding your Tongue...
is [chuckling] a full... body... work-out!

No Really it is!

Last night, something happened that comforted me
[though it was not really directed at me].
In no uncertain words, The Lord God spoke and I vowed,
vowed not to complain ever again!

I asked Him that if ever I start to complain, remind me of the feeling I felt last night - feelings of breathing easier
It will shut me up...

And now the point

Arguing, complaining, snapping back [at times] can be the easiest thing to do. It is so second nature to just retort, to just shake off restraint and slap the tongue around. Indeed, the Bible itself [James] says that the tongue could be a fire set abaze by hell itself.

So me, shutting up and walking away now [returning to peace] is going to be a full bodied work-out that I will master!
In the end... silence is a consent to peace.


It Is Easter

Time for Rememberance
Time for Resurection...

Are you... YOU resurected?
Are you... YOU resurected?

Easter Blessings



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I am testing my imagination today.
It is not fate. It is not truth.
It is Imagination...

Last week I was in turmoil and as I was standing there in the Office's Kitchen and I heard: "Death is standing at the door."

I turned and in my mind... my imagination... I saw a guy [like me] causually leaning at the door legs crossed, arms folded et al.

I don't know how, but later that night i replayed the scene and I could've sworn I saw the guy... me, dressed in one of my favourite outfits. I blame it on 2 much imagination.

So here I am!
Monday morning, wearing my black shirt and my blue jeans wondering What's the point of this?

The mind is a heck of a thing!