Holding your Tongue...
is [chuckling] a full... body... work-out!

No Really it is!

Last night, something happened that comforted me
[though it was not really directed at me].
In no uncertain words, The Lord God spoke and I vowed,
vowed not to complain ever again!

I asked Him that if ever I start to complain, remind me of the feeling I felt last night - feelings of breathing easier
It will shut me up...

And now the point

Arguing, complaining, snapping back [at times] can be the easiest thing to do. It is so second nature to just retort, to just shake off restraint and slap the tongue around. Indeed, the Bible itself [James] says that the tongue could be a fire set abaze by hell itself.

So me, shutting up and walking away now [returning to peace] is going to be a full bodied work-out that I will master!
In the end... silence is a consent to peace.


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