pull the tag back
as the fabric unravels
to reveal that sometimes life isn’t authentic.

pay less for the cheapness,
the sheer unrealness
‘cause what be the point of shelling out your soul
for a slice of authenticity when
you can have that for half that!

see the thread?
pull harder to realise
the hidden agenda.

for a smile was never a smile
just a cloth
just a stitch
we wore a while.

but now the snickers start
and the laughter grows
as everyone finally realises
finally knows, that you’re clothed deep in imitation
and it’s hard to hide as you mumble
an “i’m sorry” to the DESIGNER you tried to rip off.

© t.j.h

Saving You

What I wouldn't give to save you
from the YOU that hurts your head
and burns your heart
and waters your eyes
and lumps up your throat...
like strong drink

What I wouldn't give to save you.
For saving you just might mean saving me.


She is he
Adding soul to he
Adding soul to he
Adding spirit to me

Deliver us
A woman
A tribe bearer
A trial bearer
A symbol labelled with a capital S

Most definitely
The womb
Blessed by Divine He
To lead us into and out of temptation
Into redemption
Positive mental elevation
She be...


I'm Back!
And... I'm Black (chuckling to self for no real reason)

I was sick for a lil while and thus also... tired.

But I'm here and I'm cool. Just watching the universe watching me a bit.

Blessings to You All


A moment of silence 03

Originally uploaded by dapoetspeaks.

This moment of silence will be pre-empted
For a traffic jam:
“Move __! Get out the way! Get out the way___! Get out the way!”
Rock the boat
Make some noise
Honk at the police, the trailer, and the traffic light…
Fight for your right to be ignorant!