In - dependence.

Tomorrow pls God we celebrate
44 years of independence.

And we shall celebrate with fireworks and fan-fare.
And we shall celebrate with wine and vodka; champagne and cola.
And we shall celebrate our "triumphs"... all that we, the big Trinidad & Tobago have done.
And we shall litter the streets with red and the newspapers with patriotic messages... because

And then Friday, we will return to our lives dependent
On the police
On the politician
On the priest
On other people instead of the POWER.

Independent or In dependence?



Good, Gooder & Goodest Moments

Laughing at Dave Chapelle Audio Tape.
Just got permission to shoot film in Airport.
Back pain lessened a bit.
Still laughing...

Good, Gooder & Goodest Moments


As it turns out...
The Universe Still Works

Last night I got the shock of my life.

My friend showed me my birthday present [that she's had for me since last yr]. I thought it to be some book or the like [she knows me] instead it was a computer - she bought a new G4 laptop so she passed me her other machine.

Now... up to two Saturdays ago I'm complaining. I had reached the end and to top it off, I got ideas and stuff to do [freelance and other] and no machine at home to work it out.

Yet God was moving the Universe in my favour. It was already decided.

The Universe... is still... working in YOUR FAVOR, guided by The Master Way Maker, even if it doesn't look like it right now. Believe that.



100... +

red horizon
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Today marks my 100th post.
It would've come a lot sooner had I written every day but...

I wonder, should I say something of profound importance to celebrate this point? Or does my mere existance here [in a way] celebrate the hundredth?

Well, God is Love. I'm alive yet another day to continue my rantings

Happy 100th, Blog


It is finished [or is it broken?]

blue beauty
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When I bought my new Cross/Crucifix pendant a while back, I was in two (2) minds about it. The recurring thought was like "Don't you have enough crosses in your life already. Don't buy it."

Well, yesterday while at Mt. Saint Benedict, my chain slid off my neck and the cross broke into two pieces - THE END.

And I honestly wonder 'bout that. Is it:
1. The end of my crosses/my burdens? A new day begins?
2. A physical sign of my broken spirituality?

I feel so far from where I started off at times, it scares me, it depresses me... it's downright annoying. Now I tell myself that maybe the uncomfortability is just... growing into a new skin but jeez!

So yes, I do wonder if It is Finished or rather is it (am I) Broken


Yesterday I spoke to one of those dates
(see yesterday's post, scroll down).
And yes, things could've been different between us.
But truthfully, she was coming out of a failed relationship.
And you can't love someone new if you haven't learned
to love yourself truly.

So it's cool. There's closure.
That chapter is through...
The End


Let's hear it for another stupid blunder!

Let's hear it for the guy who sees the girl at the awards event
says nothing
does nothing
only to hear
she found someone on that night... been together couple yrs now.

Let's hear it for the guy who makes the move
worships the countess
offers his soul
to receive outer darkness in return.

Let's hear it for the guy who sees the girl
falls for the girl
moves in riddles and proverbs towards the girl
but wait... she sees something in the distance - a love? someone who will spill it out plainly?

Let's hear it for:
2002 Awards
March 15th 2005
September into December 2005
April 2006
and all the misguided, misjudged, misinterpreted, misrepresented dates of things...
better left unspoken.