It is finished [or is it broken?]

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When I bought my new Cross/Crucifix pendant a while back, I was in two (2) minds about it. The recurring thought was like "Don't you have enough crosses in your life already. Don't buy it."

Well, yesterday while at Mt. Saint Benedict, my chain slid off my neck and the cross broke into two pieces - THE END.

And I honestly wonder 'bout that. Is it:
1. The end of my crosses/my burdens? A new day begins?
2. A physical sign of my broken spirituality?

I feel so far from where I started off at times, it scares me, it depresses me... it's downright annoying. Now I tell myself that maybe the uncomfortability is just... growing into a new skin but jeez!

So yes, I do wonder if It is Finished or rather is it (am I) Broken


At 4:49 AM, Blogger Elspeth said...

One thing finished is another beginning. An egg breaks and releases a new being.


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