You are my equal.
You are my opposite.

You are dark knight to my sunny disposition
I am the ship, you are my beacon.

I broke my wrist at six
And skinned my knees at seven.
I sat around the TV watching talking dogs go up to heaven.
Only, it wasn’t me. It was he.
The me from a different life-stream.

You felt the music crawl into bed with you.
You felt the hunger have its way with you.
You felt it… bubbling, bubbling, burgeoning till all you could do was
You felt ‘for better or worse’ half a dozen times.
I lived your life; you walked through mine.
My immortality; your humanity.

We are one.
You are my science; I am your faith

You speak with the power of my thoughts
I understand your (gasps) and (nods) and…
My no-more-greater-that-I. WE.
Equal portions of the same pie
Seeing things from different eyes but locked
to the same face… same race. Human.
By definition.
By association.

He, She, It, Is, WE EQUAL.

Tracy J Hutchings


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