It's been a while...

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so it's December - the last time we were here was what... October?
Yeah i think so.

What's been going on?
To be honest there are days where I really [really] don't know. Time lapsed... I lapsed. I've just been 'feeling' in and out of it. Nevertheless,
I am here and God is [still] Love.

What's been going on with you?
Film. Oh my gosh that's been like so wonderful lately! I did a small television course and from there bought my very own sony handy cam... uh, camera.

I've got one done [intelligent lifeforms] working on th other [restrain yourself] and there's the one we did in school which i wrote and produced called JUST WAITING... twas my first one really. They're all shorts [really] but I'm loving it right now.

So what's the plans? What you thinking?
I wanna do seven film projects next yr. The more I do, the more adept i can become - i'm thinking film school - nyfa [new york film academy] so [needless to say] I have to be good.

Right now I eagerly wait to see what God has instore for me [next]. The Universe is truly a great place to live.

Anyways, I'm back and I'm here. May not see me everyday but still... I'm here.

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